Ethical Operation

Dedicated (responsible) unit for promotion of enterprise ethical operation:

The Present’s Office of the Company is responsible for promoting enterprise ethical operation and shall report the status of execution to the board of directors at least once a year.

Promotionand execution status of enterprise ethical operation:
To implemental ethical operation policy, the Company has specified in its Work Rules that no member of the Company with access to clients or suppliers shall have any unethical conduct such as accepting any gift, kickback or loan. The Code of Ethics also requires directors and managers of the Company to strictly abide by the principles of honesty and good faith. It is strictly prohibited to seek or attempt to seek personal interest through the use of the Company’s asset, information or by taking advantage of job duties.
In addition, the execution unit shall regularly evaluate the Company’s ethical operation policy and the status of implementation, including whether consideration has been given to the legality and ethics records of the suppliers, clients or other business trading counterparts, whether members of the Company having access to company secrets and commercially sensitive information in the course of business have been bound by confidentiality obligations, with the undertaking of precautionary measures, whether the Company has established specific whistleblowing and reward systems and put in place convenient whistleblowing channels and other ethical operation items. The internal audit report shall be submitted to independent directors for review every month.
With the operational growth of the Company, other responsible units may be added to join the operation in the future in order to reinforce the performance of enterprise ethical operation.

Implementation of preventing insider trading:

The Company offers education propaganda about prevention of insider trading from competent authority to directors and managers at least once a year. The Company has set an insider trading prevention management procedure. Upon actual learning of material information about the Company having an impact on its share price, directors, supervisors, managers, related parties to the persons under the previous subparagraph, and any person who has learned about the information due to professional or controlling relationship shall not, after the information is confirmed, before it is rendered public or within 18 hours after the publication of the information, purchase or sell any shares or other equity securities of the Company listed on the stock exchange or over-the-counter market in its own name or in the name of any other person.