Communication with Stakeholders


The stakeholders of the Company are identified in reference to the AA1000 Stakeholder Engagement Standard (AA1000SES) in order to understand major environmental, social and corporate governance related issues of the stakeholders’ concern. Each department head shall perform an assessment on the level of independence of the company, influence, level of care, responsibility and diversified perspective of the stakeholders in order to identify the main stakeholders. The Company has dedicated communications channels for different stakeholders to receive and respond to the stakeholders’ concerns and needs.



Issue of Concern

Form of Communication


 Government Authority

  • Legal Regulations
  • Environmental Protection
  • Pollution Prevention
  • Official Correspondence
  • Meetings

886-7-831 4126 ext. 627


  • Corporate Governance
  • Operating Performance
  • Development Strategy
  • Sustainable Operation/Risk Management
  • Monthly Income Announcement
  • Financial Report/Annual Report
  • Shareholder Meeting/Corporate Presentation
  • Other information disclosed on the Market Observation Post System

886-7-831 4126 ext. 302

Common Share Transfer Agent

KGI Securities

886-2-2389 2999


  • Operating Performance
  • Development Strategy
  • Environmental Protection
  • Press Release
  • Special Interviews

886-7-831 4126 ext. 302


  • Employee Benefit
  • Occupational Safety and Health
  • Talent Development
  • Regular executive meetings and ad hoc promotional meetings
  • Proposal system, personnel interviews
  • Union organization, labor-management meetings

886-7-831 4126 ext. 530


  • Supply Chain Management
  • Environmental Protection, Safety and Health Management
  • Supplier Appraisal Form
  • Supplier visits/audits


  • Product Designs and Specifications
  • Service Assistance
  • Client satisfaction surveys
  • Yearly vessel owners’ get-togethers


  • Social Welfare Contribution
  • Public Interest Events
  • Environmental Protection
  • Ad hoc visits and care
  • Participation in local events