Social Participation

Alexander Marine believes in “What we take from the society, we give to the society.” In addition to the operating efforts in its business, it also effectively combines the resources of the Company and encourages and leads its employees to participate in bringing positive changes to society through money, resources and manpower, fulfilling its duty as an enterprise citizen.



Old Shoes for Life: Sending Love to Uganda

In poor African regions where shoes are not available, a lot of people are infected with tungiasis, causing swelling and festering of feet. Serious cases can even be fatal. Alexandre Marine started a year-end charity event with employees in January 2018. Idle materials from home were provided to people in need. The donation of materials not only recreates value for old objects, it also represents our blessings and care. We hope to provide assistance with local schooling, medical care, and even the continuation of life. In this event, a total of 1,400 pieces of summer clothes, shoes and school bags were donated.


Industry-School Cooperation

Based on sustainable growth, the Company becomes a talent dream factory to allow sustainable growth of society. Alexander Marine provided industry-school cooperation with local key schools: National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology (formerly National Kaohsiung Marine University), National Pingtung University of Science and Technology and Feng-Shan Commercial and Industrial Vocational School, etc.

Greenland Adoption

To fulfill enterprise social responsibility and to pursue sustainable development, Alexander Marine continuously adopts foundations of Air Purification Zones to reduce impact on environmental quality.