Sustainable Operation


As a member of the global enterprise citizen, the social responsibilities of Alexander Marine cover sound corporate governance, consideration for balanced interest of stakeholders and protection of the global environment.

We focus on corporate governance and create a work environment that allows employees to fully develop their potentials through continuous innovation and development of products with high added- values in order to create maximum benefit for our employees, shareholders and the society. Alexander Marine commits to the following:

  • Maintain good corporate governance and strict compliance with rules of business ethics.
  • Compliance with the law.
  • Provision of a safe work environment for the employees as a space for them to fully develop their talents and receive reasonable remuneration and benefits.
  • Create company value and improve shareholder interest.
  • Research and develop environmentally friendly and energy saving products and implement acts of environmental protection to reduce impacts on the environment.
  • Invest in innovation, research and development to seek technical advancement in human civilization, social and economic development and sustainable development of the global environment.

In addition, to implement Alexander Marine’s enterprise social responsibilities policy, we make reference to the Corporate Social Responsibility Best Practice Principles for TWSE/GTSM-Listed Companies and applicable laws to specifically put in practice enterprise social responsibilities.


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